Eight Great Holiday Wines

Eight Great Holiday Wines

Nov 12, 2023Monica Liau

For the upcoming holiday season our wine expert and absolute WINE POET Chris has chosen eight amazing wines to pair perfectly with the upcoming holiday season. We're talking Thanksgiving dinner, office parties, snacking soirees and every gathering of friends and family (and food) you have coming up. 

To help you stock up, we are offering 15% for every six bottles of these holiday wines you purchase. Be ready! Be prepared! And drink something amazing. 

Here's a sneak peek of the wines (and their PERFECT descriptions). Get in here!

8 Great Thanksgiving Wines

Koehler-Ruprecht Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir) 
Germany: Pfalz 

This wine deceives with its pale color. Succulent cranberry/cherry fruit aromatics and flavor seem to leap out of the glass and attack your face with ruby smooches. You’ll want to spend all night with your nose in the glass! 

People use the term “nervy” to describe wines with vibrancy and acidity, and it really applies here. The wine seems to vibrate in the glass in enthusiastic anticipation of you taking a sip. 

Sebastian Trieullet Sauvignon Blanc 
France: Loire

The vineyard for this wine is literally meters outside of the famed appellation Pouilly-Fumé, and so, must be labeled simply Vin de Pays. 

The fancy lads down the road will shell out big bucks for Pouilly-Fumé, and the rest of us will enjoy this refreshing Sauv Blanc that manages to be both chewy and zippy at the same time. Vibrant green fruits (apple, gooseberry) and slate, with a lingering finish that will have you continuously reaching for the bottle. Amazing value!

Les Lunes Searby Vineyard Chardonnay
California: Sonoma Coast

Don’t be scared: this isn’t an oaky/buttery mess of California Chardonnay stomach ache. It’s muscular, sure, with a slick body and those unmistakable big musky Chard aromas. In the glass, though, it’s all lemon curd, fresh peach and beguiling depth. This wine won’t back down from anything that Thanksgiving can throw at it: from crab dip to mushroom gravy to pumpkin pie. 

Yves Cuilleron Syrah Les Vignes d’à Côté
France: Northern Rhone

This nummy-numster wants to wrassle your turkey bird, wants to tickle your green bean casserole. A sneak attack of black peppery green olives riding in a raft full of violets down a raging blackberry rapids. The wild ride ends in a refreshingly clear mineral pool of soft tannins. Ahhhh…

Les Sablonettes Le P’tit Blanc (Chenin Blanc)
France: Loire (Coteaux du Layon)

A natural wine made by winemakers who were doing the style before anyone thought it was cool. Really beautiful stuff: organic, no added sulfites, lovingly made. Golden light seems to stream right from the bottle, delivering baked apple and persimmon cake into your glass. Brisk acidity keeps it all tied together in a very structured way. Just a joyous wine!

Bojo du Luar ‘Dras Loup’ (100% Alvarelhão)
Portugal: Vinho Verde

For all you non-traditional party people out there who are more into snacking Thanksgiving day away with a group of pals and dancing in the living room. A dry, natty synth/drum groove of strawberry & razzleberries, with an 80’s reverb saxophone solo of hibiscus cutting right through the mix. 

Georgiev Milkov ‘Skin Contact Pet-Nat (100% Red Misket)
Bulgaria: Thracian Valley

The gorgeous Red Misket grape gives this sparkler a pretty pink cast. Oh, it is such a lovely wine! The bubbles are like a lush carpet of effervescence that guide honeyed citrus peel across your palate in elegant pirouettes. A mineral finish leaves you refreshed and wanting more. 

You could serve this through the dinner course if your meal is on the lighter side, but will really shine with appetizers and light desserts. A soothing wine when you’re in need of some tranquility!

Each Peach Market 'X' 10 Year Anniversary (Sparkling Red)
Maryland, Loews Vineyard

Exuberant jumping in a field, challenging gravity for an instant: threatening to remain aloft and defy reality's bounds in a naturally petulant display of carefree ebullience. Coming into contact with icy comets as they whizz past, we remember our roots on the Earth, kiss the ground, eat a sun-warmed raspberry...

Perfect for parties around a bonfire, appetizers and all night drinking. 

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