It's Turkey Time!

It's Turkey Time!

Oct 16, 2023Monica Liau

Oh yes dear friends. It’s the time of year again and for the NINTH year in a row, we are reserving turkeys from a special family farm in Pennsylvania, where little gobblers are raised happy and free, feasting in their free-range idyll until they grow big and plump. Not a single unnatural substance ever crosses their beaks, nor an antibiotic enter their bodies. 

As always, we guarantee these are some of the best, most flavorsome and juiciest of birds, raised in prime conditions. They make a big difference at the dinner table! 

BUT, this is a small farm and the earlier your order comes in, the more likely you are to get your perfect bird. 

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Ready to Roast Fresh Turkeys

We know that there are a lot of moving parts when trying to get Thanksgiving dinner on the table. We’ll go the extra mile for you and get your fresh turkey all prepped and ready for the oven! We’ll rub the skin with butter and spices, stuff the cavity with fresh herbs and truss up the legs. We’ll even include a disposable pan - all you have to do is pop the turkey in the oven, easy/peasy. 

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