Meet our Tunisian Olive Oil

Meet our Tunisian Olive Oil

Mar 22, 2022Monica Liau

We are just so thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive Each Peach Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This has been a project long in the making, a proud collaboration between Each Peach Market and SOCAB/Amore Trade, a woman-owned, third generation family-owned business.

Our olive oil, bottled just for us, is made from 100% certified organic Chetoui olives, which are handpicked, cold pressed, bottled and labeled in Nabeul, Tunisia. 

This is olive oil in its purest form. The olives are harvested early and put through the mills to crush and extract oil without heat or chemicals. It is then left unfiltered so the fruit sediments fall naturally to the bottom. Think brilliant green and grassy, with a peppery assertiveness and subtle hints of artichoke. 

Our oil is versatile yet distinctive, equally good tossed with salads, used for cooking, or drizzled as a finishing oil. 

Tunisia is the unsung hero of the olive oil world. The country currently stands as the largest producer of organic olive oil in the world, and the third largest exporter. At least a third of the country is planted with olive trees, and for many years, Tunisian olive oil was shipped to Spain and Italy where it is mixed with local oils and marketed under Italian or Spanish brand names. 

Most Tunisian olive oil still leaves the country as bulk oil, however increasingly the premium harvests and oils are bottled and exported under Tunisian names, and now the Each Peach brand! 

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